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8th.Jun 2013@Last Update
Spring Championship show

Can you imagine your life without Airedales?
The answer must be gNoh or g Neverh.
Airedale Terrier Club Of Japan is just for you, Airedale lovers.
Our schedule for the year is full of fun.
You enjoy 3 - 4 championship show and 14 trimming seminars.
Breeding seminars and handling seminars are also instructive.
We canft miss exciting parties such as a Christmas Party and a New Yearfs party and Airedale Fun Day!!
Our head office is in Tokai area. Do you live in Okinawa or Hokkaido?
Are you afraid of getting behind? Donft worry!
We can keep in touch with all members through Airedale bulletins, email, E-mail news and HP.
Why donft you join us ?
It doesnft matter whether you have Airedales or not. The qualification to join us is so simple. Just say------------h I love Airedale Terrier!h

We collect an essay for the newsletter we issue every four month.
Can you tell me about your Airedales and send some pictures?
I'll introduce it on our newsletter as "Hello from abroad".

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Championship Show

Spring Championship Show
Date: 19th.May 2013
Venue: Kamiishizu Midori no Mura (Gifu)

Trimming Seminar
See pictures!

Tokai district (Gifu.Enaj  
Tokyo district (Tokyo)  
Tokyo district (Kawasaki)  
Kansai district iOsakaj  

Airedale Terrier Fun Day@

Kansai district
Kanto district
Tokai district  


Tokai Fun Day in Aichi
Kansai Fun Day in Shiga
Kanto Fun Day in Tokyo
Kanto Championship show
Autumn Championship show

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