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One day in 1997 some Airedale Lovers have a dream to form a club which is always filled with fun and laughter, and passion toward Airedales. Those people who are addicted to Airedales all over Japanhave just started it, gAiredale Terrier Club of Japanh.
Since the moment wefve sought something new and more exciting.
Since then wefve tried to study hard
to make our Airedales more beautiful
to breed healthy and superb Airedales
to have more wonderful time with Airedales
to have more friends through Airedales
Therefre lots of exciting activities throughout the year. You canft miss each of them. Championship shows are held in spring and autumn. Airedale Funday is also fun. They are also the good opportunities for members to see each other. We also have trimming and Airedale Standard seminars all over Japan.
Our quarterly journal is full of domestic and overseas information. Wefve kept touch with our friends in UK, USA, Australia, Holland and Russia. They've been our good advisers, and also given us the newest info.
Airedale Terrier Club of Japan is the club for you, Airedale Lovers. We always have an earnest desire to keep our Airedale Spirit together.
Win or lose, showing your Airedales is a joy. Living with Airedales gives you a lot of pleasure. Just enjoy your life with your Airedale.
It makes you happy and gives you true love.

Airedale Terrier Club Of Japan
Headquarters: 1724-1 Otsuka, Hachioji city, Tokyo, Japan
President: Mr. Takemi Sugimoto
Secretary: Mr. H. Suzuki
Directors: Ms. K.Ishihara Mr.S.Ishikawa Mr. K. Uryu, Mr.Nagasawa, Ms.K.Suzuki, Ms.S.Sugimoto Ms.H.Hirooka, Ms.S.Yamane
The Membership of ATCJ as of March 31, 2007 : 145
2007 Annual Report
06 A new year party / Kansai Dist.
28 2008 General Meeting
10 the 37th issue of ATCJ
18 Trimming Seminar / Hyogo Dist.
18 Trimming Seminar / Gifu Dist.
25 Trimming Seminar / Sizuoka Dist.
01 Trimming Seminar / Tokyo Dist.
15 Trimming Seminar / Gifu Dist.
22 ATCJ Spring Championship Show
13 Trimming Seminar / Tokyo
10 the 38th issue of ATCJ
20 Airedale Fun Day / Osaka Dist.
20 Airedale Fun Day / Aichi Dist.
29 A committe meeting
10 the 39st issue of ATCJ
25 Trimming Seminar / Hiroshima Dist.

02 Airedale Fun Day / Fuji Dist.
16 Trimming Seminar / Gifu Dist.
23 Trimming Seminar / Tokyo Dist.
30 Trimming Seminar / Hyogo Dist.
30 Trimming Seminar / Sizuoka Dist.

07 Trimming Seminar / Tokyo
14 Trimming Seminar / Hyogo Dist.
14 Trimming Seminar / Gifu Dist.
21 Tokyo Championship Show
28 ATCJ Autumn Championship Show
11 Airedale Fun Day / Shiga
10 the 40th issue of ATCJ
26 A Year-end Party / Yokohama
23 A committe meeting
23 A Year-end Party / Nagoya